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Gladiator Sandals UNP UNPB

Gladiator Sandals, this mod represents gladiator arena boots for a warrior/adventurer/dragonborn.

It is represented as light armor, and can hold up badly compared to other armors but holds up way better than a a clothing item.

Mainly for style, and to show that your character light armor skill is so good that they don't really even give a shit.


The sandals come in 4 awesome styles:




These light boots can be created using the tanning rack.

Main Ingredients: Leather and Leather strip

Black Variant: Cave Bear Pelt

Button Variant: Iron Ingot


Also can be added via in-game console '~'

help gladiator



Known issues: If you're using a custom idle, the soles may or may not clip through the map.



Before anyone tries to rant on how this is in another armor set or owned by someone else. Just stop.

This mod is a resource of DAZ3D studios. And you should appreciate the new standalone retexture available.




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Definitely, I'm still working on the pieces for the CHH. It's kinda trial and error, for I haven't worked with 4K textures. So I'm going to give it a try. If it works.

The pieces will be done sooner. If not, I'll just keep touching up the UV on the .nif files.

That is what you're talking about correct?

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