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Lost my cm partner


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nah i don't have a summon spell i do have a partner ring that seems to do nothing and a partner warp ring that brings me back to the market distric


There are newer companion systems out there. Mad Companion, for example.



It doesn't have dedicated NPCs, mind you.


Then there's Emma's amazing Vilja. Fully voice acted. She does many, many handy things such as your shopping.




Both come with summon spells for wayward NPCs.



I used CM Partners long ago...then moved to Companion Share and Recruit...then Mad Companion plus Vilja. Never looked back.....

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Do you have a previous savegame with your companion by your side? If the answer is yes, load it, open the console and check his/her RefID (just click on the NPC). If you close the console right now, every targeted command that you type in the console will have that NPC as target.

Reload your current savegame, open the console and type:

moveto player

Problem solved.


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