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replacer/overhaul clothes/armor hgec e-ll

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no new models !!!


a fix : - all meshes Pyffied, - all meshes separated for easy install, - no more vertex color problemes.


all pics/screenshots in original topic/thread " old thread replacer/overhaul clothes armor hgec e-ll "



IMPORTANTE : do not forget to archiv invalidat via OBMM ' bsa redirection '


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What do you mean by " ...LoverLab Replacer" ? I 've already got most of your HGEC outfits ( and of course , the ZKEC Outfits too ...)  but i don't use any LL specific mods yet ... so i suppose that your  " replacer "  isn't made  for me , right  ?


By the way , i don't use any " replacer" just because all my meshes and textures use a custom variation so i cannot i don't want to " replace " anything in my game.


In other words , what did you put in your file , the HGEC versions i 've probably already got ? ... :°)



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old thread replacer/overhaul clothes/armor hgec e - ll

i decided to clean all what was done .  no new models just winter cleaning  .  named it as replacer because it replace most of the armors to a very hot one.


if you have already downloaded the files before and fixed the vertex color  (has vertex color set wrongly to yes) and pyffied to optimise , than you do not need to download at all .


if i put any new meshes  i will associate  screenshots  .


ps : i named  LoversLab because it can be found only  in LoversLab.

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Merci pour ces explications.


Well , i 'll download your file just to compare , the old ones are there on this machine too ( they use  a space disk about  340 Mo , but of course most of them are unpacked ....) . 




PS : Pyffied  ?  no , i don't  think i need to use that . I didn't saw any difference withe the " pyffied" versions i got here so this term has no meaning for me .


Most of the time  , when there is a problem somewhere  i can solve it by myself without an additional " tools" .

The most big problem i hate is from meshes with an excesive amount of polygons ( made as this probably because the texture is a " little"  poor ...) or with texture with an excesive size too but for these ones it's easy to reduce them quicly ...



PPS : uhm ... cool , maybe i'll use this version to convert them to the GBEC body ! ... !°)


By the way i see  this replacer use  " only " +/- 79 Mo ; so i need to check your " old file " to see why they use such i lot of space i mentioned.

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the excessive amount of polygons is more for artistic way  the mesh becomes more smoothy and nice  the textures shows more details  it is realy nicer  but realy heavyer  and unusefull for an old game that has difficulties to use the 4gb patch.

( if you use blender , you select the object and do ' apply Multires '  than ' add level ' in option  ' catmull-clark '  (not just a simple subdivised.  and you will see the quality difference .  )


some users noticed me that some meshes where lagging (eating fps) and the solution was to pyffied them .



the rest of the meshes no replacer armor and clothes  will be in an other thread  (the other thread  some more hgec e-ll)


i cleaned the textures, and i am cleaning dispatching the meshes to pieces (shirt, pants, boots, etc...)  and need to do the ground files.


(when finished i will attack the zkec version)


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