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You can find his body in a special Cell using the COC command but I can't remember its name. You'll find his dead body and can use the resurrect command but to get him out is another story.^^

Here's the Cell and its ID : http://elderscrolls.wikia.com/wiki/Dead_Body_Cleanup_Cell

It keeps every single named NPC in the game, it also keeps the NPCs that dissapear from the game like the wood elf from the Thalmor Ambassy quest.



gvman3670 gave you the best answer tho, it's simple and efficient.


Keep in mind, this does not resurrect the original character that died, it makes a copy of him. Only issue with more important NPCs is for example, if a character dies and his wife is still alive she will mourn him... even if you resurrected him. :angel:

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