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Advice for Nif Animations for Headparts


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I have been experimenting with Geometry Morphers (NiGeomMorpherController) for meshes for my pony mod, the goal is to animate the tails and manes without adding bones to the skeleton and animation kf. I've been very successful with the experiment, I learned how to make them animate with just key shapes and a controller, but the animation does not work when the mesh with the animation is used in a head slot in the race dialogue menu, like mouth, tongue, teeth, etc., it only works when the mesh is used in an armor.


Any advice to get this working in the desired fashion? I want to avoid using armor to add the tails, wings, etc., freeing up body slots for mods and optimizing my code (this would reduce a major script into a teeny tiny chunk of code).

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Using geomcontrollers requires vertex animations (morphs)




Disregard my skyrim comment if you read it. I'm in the wrong subforum xD


Regardless GeomControllers still require vertex cache style morphs for "animations"


I did not get the chance to look at your first comment, so no problem.


The Controller does have Morphs, Basis and Wave. Wave is the movement of the mane, Basis is self-explanatory. The animation works. I used the mesh as a piece of armor, loaded the game up, added and equipped it and the animation played like it should. It's just a quick, distorted motion to test the idea out, but it worked. Now, when I use that mesh - unaltered - as one of the parts of the head (such as the tongue or mouth slot in face data tab of the race menu) the animation does not play. I can equip the test armor and see one of the instances of the mesh animate and the other not.


I think that was what you were implying in your comment, that I needed to use morphs, which I did, but I might have misunderstood your comment so I tried to explain myself a little better. I was wondering if the game is explicitly programmed to ignore such types of embedded animations when those meshes are used as parts of the head, or I'm missing a vital key to the nif file that would allow the animation to play when part of the head. I've attached the test file for your (or anyone else) viewing.


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