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HDT Hair with Everybodys Different Issue


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Hi Guys,

Cross posting incase someone knows.


Need help with HDT Hair and EDB for NPCs.


Been trying to use EDB with some of the HDT Hair, but have hit a issue.


Using Mod Organizer, I've got the HDT Hair working with my Player Character but when a NPC has a HDT Hair applied through EBD that hairs got the stretched to infinity issue.


My player character's got no issues with HDT Hair, so I'm thinking EBD isn't reading the SKSE\plugins folder in Mod Organizer for the HDT dlls or XMLs perhaps? 


Anyone have HDT Hair working with MO and EBD?  Any tips?



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I liked EBD but haven't tried it with physics hair.  two things that spring to mind are that there are hdt wigs which are supposed to work better with NPCs. also you could try installing havoc object.  (though this I think overwrites your default hdt xml, so backup, or use of manager software is wise).  like said, I've not tried them, but those two things spring to mind as possibly relevant.  better informed people may wish to clarify :)

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