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HDT working on clothing, not when nude.


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So, as far as I can tell I have installed all the mods correctly, HTD physics extension, XP32, Bodyslide, and the HDT body. BUT... when I am naked, no jiggle... I jiggle just fine when wearing physics compatible clothing, so I cant figure why I don't when nude. Am I using bodyslide wrong? I copied all the files from HDT body into the bodyslide directory, and batch built off the HTD body. Please advise...

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I have the same issue of physics with clothes & no physics without clothes.



HDT physics extention

HDT breast & butt physics -loremonger with collision specifically


remodeled armors for cbbe bodyslide tbbp hdt  




The reason you do not have bouncing titties is because it is way up there in you load order, so anything that comes after it is overwriting the files.

What you need to do is, run loot and have the esp's corrected, then you need to look over the files in the left pane. This is your REAL load order, you need to organize like mods... i.e. xp32, hdt heels and all other physics mods together; then manage them as best as possible.

hdt mods need to be below any other skeleton mod, just check all the conflicts to make sure what you need last is not being overwritten.
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