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Enable butt animation ?


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Oblivion does not have physics for characters. Instead, it uses animations.


If you want your character's butt to bounce around, you're going to need three things:

-A skeleton with the appropriate bones.

-An animation that uses those bones.

-A model that has been weight-painted to use those bones.


Fortunately for you, #2 and #3 have already been done for you; the LAPF skeleton has the bones, and there are various animations out that that make use of the bones.

All you need now is to weight-paint your favorite model, or use one of Gerra6's tools to copy the weight-painting of another model over to them.


Weight-painting by hand can be very difficult if you aren't used to it, so I suggest you learn to use Gerra6's tools. You'll find them over on the Modder's Resources section of the forum.


There are quite a lot of models that use the butt bones included in the LAPF skeleton, so just search around. There are also many models that use some of the breast bones for butt animation, which has the downside of sometimes weird animation but the upside of being compatible with more animations, and even different skeletons.

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Yes Gerra6's mesh rigger is one of the best tools for adding BBB BNB BBP TBBP to a body and armor/outfit it works for fallout NV oblivion and skyrim their clothing converter is also a very nice tool which can convert a armor from one bodies size to another quite easily. It works better if both to and from bodies have the same UV maps. http://www.loverslab.com/topic/24797-mesh-rigger-skyrim-fallout-oblivion-beta89f-10-26-2014/

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You're wanting to focus on OP3 bones or alternately Buttock bones if your are going with the latest LAPF skel. And if the models you intend to work on have OP3s already, you'll want still replace those using gerra6's tools (mostly mesh rigger) with those in a template body that has either OP3s or Buttock bones in it.


The reason is the OP3s were originally added to manipulate the nipple of the breast (older armor clothes), so even if you use a LAPF OP3 or Buttock bone skel and animation files that manipulate them, it will still not animate the butt.

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I have also done many times as sometimes it is faster to quickly do it manually like if I'm trying to paste a armor/outfit piece into a different nif and it gives a ninode error missing OP1/2/3 or whichever ninode it is saying is missing. Is to load the nif that I am trying to copy the armor/outfit piece from and copy the ninode branches and paste them into the one that doesn't have them by right clicking scene root and using the paste branch option then save as to overwrite and once the missing ones are added try to paste the armor/outfit piece into the nif again.  


Right now I'm adding TBBP plus belly node to a bunch of skyrim player models for shits and giggles soon there will be a bunch of player models with bouncing breast butts bellies and will have a growing belly when pregnant. :D  

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@myuhinny - Just a quick note. When using the bodies from Setbody as templates for BBB or BButts (OP1, OP2, OP3), and as the main female upper and lower bodies in-game, I have found it works better to run gerra6's Mesh Rigger on them and add them, than adding them manually via NifSkope. 

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I mostly do it for things that are huge in size or if it is something that gets a bunch of stretching because mesh rigger removed nodes that were needed or if I'm just making a mashup and it's missing a ninode. I don't use the new set body as much I don't even have that version installed mostly because many bodies were removed and for the converter it is best to use the actually body instead of one that is close to it to make a better conversion and since you can't find a complete body if it was removed you have to use a older one so I just use the older one instead.

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