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Sexlab Devious Devices Error?

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I just wanted to post this to see if anyone else was getting this error. The good news is it does not really break the game/mod/experience per say. All I seen it affect is when you're captured and have an armbinder attached to your character she will not dance when told to. She will just stand in place and then bow at the end. Before I posted this I double checked the versions of all DD mods and necessities and they are all up to date. If I miss something I apologize as I just started gaming in Skyrim again just a few days ago and am getting my bearings/modding skills refreshed. I may have also missed some information or went over my head once again, my apologies.


Here is the error that pops up:


"An error has occured with you installation of Devious Devices. Please check the log for more information.

Error text: LookupDeviceType received invalid keyword [Keyword <_SD_DeviousArmbinder (8400CAEF0>]"



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