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Hello loverslab! It's my first post here so please excuse me if I posted it incorrectly in some way...

What I need help with is to simply remove a piece of a helmet I'd like to use, I have tried to fix it myself but to be honest; I have no clue what Im doing.
The helmet is the Elysium Armour (From soul calibur), the ones with wings on the head (mask OFF version), I can't link it, due to this being my first post.

The helet consist of wings and a white cloth on the back, and I want to remove the cloth part permanently (for private use only), since I don't like the look of it. This leaving ONLY the wings.

Im a bit shy and new at all this so i don't know where to request these kinds of things..
Im downloaded the 7base bombshell version and is using it on my UNPB bbp body, and it works just fine since im ONLY using the helmet itself.

Anyone out there who can help this newbie?

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If it's a seperate piece of mesh you can open it up in nifskope and just click on the cloth portion and delete it. Seperate meshes are recognizable as seperate nitrishapes in nifskope. 

Then save it ~profit.


If it's not, then that'll take some know-how with a mesh editing program and I'm a total failure at that.  :lol:

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