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Can you use SoS without giving ALL girls Schlongs?


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I wasn't sure if this was better off in schlongs of skyrim or some other place as i could find no mention of it.


I just want to know if its possible to have SoS give schlongs to only some girls and not every girl. The % seems to be working on a 10% chance but with no other choice, its actually a 100% chance. It just seems to lack the ability to not schlongify girls.


So sorry if this is a simple thing i just missed completely, i just cant figure it out.

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I suppose you are using the UNP addon. You need to do some editing if you want random females having it. From it's main page:

Random females schlonged based on a chance (requires CK editing)
- Load in CK a non-female schlong addon you are using. For example VectorPlexus Muscular
- Look for the gender global variable, for example "SOS_Addon_VectorPlexusMuscular_Gender", change it to 2 (2 = male and female). Click OK, save and exit.
The muscular schlong have no female meshes in the armor addon, it will be invisible when a female equips it
- Configure the MCM. "NPC schlong type probability" in the MCM menus, SOS, UNP tab. This will propagate the probability to all races. The value for the global setting doesn't change, it's normal. For a 10% surprise chance, set the muscular schlong to 90%, and the UNP to 10%
If you do not do this, all females will have it, because SOS will read the addons, find that only the unp can be given to females, and then assign it. The edit will change the addons, allowing SOS to assign male addons to everyone, but it will be invisible to females. This way the % will work.
But fear not, we can use TES5Edit to do that instead of CK. Load the male addons (smurf, vector plex regular, vectorplex muscular) you are using and edit the global var for each one. They are located at [addon name.esp] -> Global -> [addon_name]_Gender (it's the first variable). 
This way:


On that image i already changed the value to 2. Do it for all addons.
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you can just go into mcm, open UNP schlong tab, and move the probability slider down to 0..so it has 0 chance of appearing, then you just give NPC u want to have it via mcm, if not starting new game , after u have set probability to 0, then hit the clean button to clear all UNP schlongs that have been equipped. If you use the immersive gender mod too u can make schlonged chicks react as males or females during sex acts, while also leaving no schlong chicks to carry on using strap on.

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