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Off with his head

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I want to kill a werewolf and have him change back to man form when dead.


First of all I tried to use setrace in the ondeath event for the actor. But it seemed like changing a dead actor race is not allowed.


So then I made him essential and put the setrace function in the onenterbleedout event. And then killessential in the onraceswitchcomplete event. That all works fine, he changes race and then dies.


The problem is he then has no head. Which wouldn't have been a huge problem if not for the fact that the player should then have the option to ask her companion if she recognised the man. Whilst it is possible that she might identify him by his nipples or some other notable feature I would rather if she could see his face to perform the identification.


edit: oops. I posted this in the wrong section. Sorry.

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Instead of working with just one actor, why not two?

A werewolf, that when killed is immediately removed from the cell, and a human(oid) NPC then immediately shoved into the same XYZ position?


You won't get a sort of "change from werewolf to human" animation, but... maybe for that you could do what you're doing right now, and then swap out the actors? You'd get a split second where the target looks like he has no head, but maybe that's okay?

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