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Racemenu-overlay will not dissapear. Isnt listed in overlays, and appears even in new games.


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So I used the pinstripe pubic hair overlay when creating my previous character via racemenu overlays.  I then created a new character, and she had the overlay on her body at creation, but it was not listed under the overlay list.   I then uninstalled racemenu overlays entirely, deleted all files related to it,  and the damned thing wont dissapear.


All new characters are "born" with it and I have no idea how to remove it.


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Mostly manually, sometimes using NMM for things that have a lot of seperate optional modules, using Loot to sort.  Ive got about 200 mods installed and have done some modding myself.  


To uninstall I just took the original overlay package, copy'd it back into the skyrim folder, then CNTRL Z'd, which overwrites then removes every single file.  When I originally uninstalled the overlay package, I didnt do that, just merely disabled the .esp, so the texture stayed yet the refference to it dissapeared.  


Ive since reinstalled cbbe, my skin textures, and tried going back to  a save where I know the overlay should be listed(might have to double check that one, it may have originated on my char before the one Im thinking of).  No luck.


I can only guess that somehow the overlay got written into another file, as any new char I start and every NPC has a specific set of pubes which Im no longer a fan of.


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You'll have to hope a modder checks out your question and can tell you what files to delete or erase. The only thing I can suggest at this point is nuke your Skyrim install and download Mod Organizer. With MO you don't place mods into the Skyrim directory so when you remove a mod it's really gone. 

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If you manually install or use NMM you can't really remove stuff unless you know for sure you're replacing the original stuff that got overwritten. NMM is horrible at that and manually doing it is a pain in the ass. What most likely happened is the overlay overwrite part of your textures and now there's no way to undo it. With NMM the only way it possibly could work properly is to uninstall everything in the exact opposite order you installed the mods.


If you were using MO you'd have it fixed it a few seconds, though. Mostly because it doesn't actually overwrite anything and adds nothing to your /data/ folder.

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no thats not the problem, I can 100% guarantee that i deleted every single file of the mod.  I took the original .rar of the mod, re-pasted it back into my skyrim folder,  and then pressed control Z, which undoes your last action.  In this case it removes all the files that you just moved,  instead of reverting to before you replaced them.


The overlay package, for some reason, has modified a file that is not part of the mod.  

So if I knew HOW overlays worked, Im sure I could fix it.

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from the description:

"To allow overriding of Armor shader properties that are active on particular Actors. Also allows overriding properties of specific node names (Advanced use only). All modifications are saved to the SKSE co-save and do not need to be re-applied on reload. All armor modifications are re-applied automatically when re-equipped."



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