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New patch changes load order system


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With the recent beta release of Skyrim version 1.4.26 on Steam, Bethesda and Valve have decided to change the way in which Skyrim handles the load ordering of mod files. Originally load orders were decided by the timestamps of files on your file system, but the Steam Workshop integration for Skyrim has caused numerous issues (most notably the issue where updating your load order using NMM/Wrye Bash/other managers would cause those files to be re-downloaded by the Workshop), and so Bethesda and Valve have had to change this system.






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Have you found a way to stop Steam automatically re-enabling autoupdate?


Had an issue sort of like this when I first started using Steam. I had to go and ensure that my Windows account had full access to the entire Steam folder on the hard drive.


The issue was my system wasn't keeping the changes as I only had Read/Execute access to see and run things. No issues since that time.

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Way i do it i Subscribed to a Mod let it download it and put it in game, Then i copy it to a other Folder Then i Un-Subscrib to it, Then put the Mod back in my Game.

Right now i have 18 Mods from Steam Workshop BUT whin i start the game it doss not Update them this way i can use BOSS for my load order!

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