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How to add items to merchants by scripting?


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Don't know.

But in some quests in which you must buy a item from a merchant you ask for and buy the item by dialogue. ( so no new item in the merchant's Container)


Perhaps the Problem is the Oblivion save, after you have visited the merchant all is in your game save so you must wait 3 days (without too visit the merchant) before the item shows up. (don't know if that's true)

? perhaps works a script that disable the original Container and adds a new Container with original and your items.

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Maybe it's too late... sorry for that but anyway, you can add items to vendor chests via script. Probably to avoid conflict, or maybe because even you can't predict who will be the target vendor.

It works like this: (from one of my private plugins)

Begin MenuMode 1009

	if rMerchant == GetActiveMenuRef 1009
	Let rMerchant := GetActiveMenuRef 1009
	Let rClass := rMerchant.GetClass
	if MerchEnchanter != rClass && MerchAlchemist != rClass

	Let rContainer := rMerchant.GetMerchantContainer
	if 0 == rContainer.GetItemCount aaerCrystalBall
		rContainer.AddItem aaerCrystalBall 1

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