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[REQ] Torture mod


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The closest you can get is... well, y'know... focused on pleasure rather than pain... you get the idea...

Well, someone ought to make a torture mod minigame. I mean, you beat the NPC down, then it gives you the option to tie them up. (Maybe as a possible mod add-on, it can give you the option to send them to a player home and they appear in one of those cuff-things. Not sure what they're called.) Then when you interact with them, similar to the crafting menus, you can select "Knives" for example. Then you select which knife from your inventory to use, the part of the body you want to cut, then if you want to slash, slice, or stab. It could also have an optional health meter, and if it goes to zero... well, it doesn't take a genius. 

I would do it myself, but I don't get this stuff, nor would I know where to start. :( If one already exists, please let me know and post the link if possible. 



(If this is in the wrong forum, my apologies, I'm new to this site.)

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first, there is a special, even pinned, thread for mod requests: Where can I find...?

Second, I don't know many, but I think Alicia Painslut could come quite close to what you want. Else, there are Prison Overhaul where you get punished while imprisoned, or Maria Eden, Sex Slaves and SD+ as slavery mods (though I only know the last one, there you can get punished if you're master is angry with you).

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