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How do I add animations?


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I downloaded the deadra Sutra (http://www.loverslab.com/topic/8232-the-daedra-sutra-lovers-with-pk-animation-collection/) and I am having troble with creature animation, I tryed to add one of the spider deadra for exemple using a number that don't exist in the ini folder (like 2361) even if the game recognizes its existance (I saw it traying to load in the console), when I ask to change the animation (pressing Z) the two models just stay there doing nothing. 


I tryed even change the number and let the original in the new number and the other in the original, and the other worked well, but the original not. 


What I did wrong? 

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2361 ? it is no Spider daedra number !

Spieder deadra has only 2 numbers. If you want more you must change the LoversIdleAnimsPriority.esp and add more.


You can use number 236 and 4001   ( or add in the esp 4002  and up to 4100. 4101 is Spriggan )



The xLoversCreature.ini must look like this  (xLoversCreature.ini in data\ini Folder)


;===Spider Daedra====================================================
set xLoversCreatureQuest.CreatureSpiderDaedraposes to sv_Construct "236=100,4001=100"


The deadra Sutra animations: must be renamed to 4001

You must have 4 Off and 4 Def kf files and the ini


in data\meshes\creatures\SpiderDaedra\IdleAnims\ani2    you must have the Off  kf files. Names






In data\meshes\characters\_male\idleanims\ani2     you must have the Def kf files. Names







in data\ini you must have 




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It worked, but how do I know what is the second number for each creature, is it said in an ini file?


And how do I add a 4002 (for example) to the esp file? 


Do I need a program to open the esp? Or I can just add in the ini as I did for 4001?


I am asking it, because the Deadra Sutra includes many animation for the same number and don't give a clue of how install them.  And looking in the Creatures.ini that you said, I see many creatures only have one animation, and some have a somenumber=0 in the file, so this animation don't play, right?


Thanks for the help.

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No only add 4002 in the ini does not work, because the 4002 is not in the esp ( some creatures have more free/unused numbers but the Spider Daedra have only 236 and 4001 


You need the Constuction Set started with OBSE (best CS extender)

see my yellow Link below.


But how to add a new Animation...do not know how I can explain this if you never used the Constuction Set?

CS, click Gameplay, click Idle Animations...

But then it gets complicated


But in "Idle Animations..." you can check if the numbers are in the esp. Expand the  tree, expand the creature name tree and "subfolders" and you can see the numbers.



in the xLoversCreature.ini you can see (guess) the numbers


All numbers in the LoversIdleAnimsPriority.esp



All numbers in the LoversIdleAnimsPriority.esp

201-Baliwog 501,502; free 503
202-Bear 601; free 602
203-Boar 701; free 702
204-Clannfear free 801
205-Daedroth free 901
206-Deer free 1001
207-Dog1101 to 1111; free 1112 and 1113
208-Elytra free1201
209-Atronach Flame free 1301
210-Atronach Flesh free 1401
211-Atronach Frost free 1501
212-Gate Keeper free 1601
213-Gost  free1701
214-Gnarl Dementia  free 1801
215-Gnarl free 1901
216-Goblin 2001 to 2004; free 2005 and 2006
217-Grummit  free2101
218-Horse 2201,2202; free 2203
219-Hunger free 2301
220-Imp 2401 free 2402
221-Jyggylad free 2501
222-Landdreugh,2601, 2602; free 2603
223-Lich 2701 to 2704; free 2705
224-Mehrunes Dagon free 2801
225-Minotaur 2901: free 2902 to 2905
226-Mountain Lion 3001  free; 3002 to 3007
227-Mud Crap  free 3101
228-Murk Dweller( Scalon)  free 3201
229-Ogre 3301; free 3302
230-Rat 3401; free 3402
231-Scamp 3501,3502; free 3503
232-Skambles free 3601
233-Sheep free 3701
234-Skeleton 3801,3802; free 3803
235-Slaughterfish free 3901
236-SpiederDaedra free 4001
237-Spriggan free 4101
238-StormAtronach free 4201
239-Troll free 4301
240-Will to the Wisp free 4401
241-Wraith free 4501
242-Xivilai 4601 to 4611; free 4612 and 4613
243-Zombie 4701 to 4706; free 4707 and 4708
301-Hitode no free number ( if you add a new number in the esp the next number should be 4801)
302-Mushroom 302ext1 but no ini ! so you can use/overwrite it ( yes funny number. kf file names 302_1_Off... and 302_1_Def... )  ( if you add a new number in the esp the next number should be 4901)
303-Tentacle no free number ( if you add a new number in the esp the next number should be 5001)  ! the human-human ani numbers 1 to 50 are in the esp, so you can create copies of the human-human Off kf files and put them in the meshe\creatures\zzzLoversTentacle\IdleAnims\ani2 Folder. Have not tried it, don't know if it works !





set xLoversCreatureQuest.CreatureBaliWogposes to sv_Construct "201=100,501=100,502=100"

set xLoversCreatureQuest.CreatureBearposes to sv_Construct "202=100,601=0"

set xLoversCreatureQuest.CreatureBoarposes to sv_Construct "203=100,701=0"


set xLoversCreatureQuest.CreatureClannFearposes to sv_Construct "204=100"




If you want a new bear Animation you can use/try 602 ( and hope the number is already in the esp . Not use, my esp is not original I added new bear numbers)


The clannfear have only 204 and 801 in the esp





Edit: Here is the guide for adding animations to the  LoversIdleAnimsPriority.esp

http://www.loverslab.com/topic/41513-how-can-i-add-more-animations-for-creatures-they-dont-play-in-game/?do=findComment&comment=1040699  (post 7)

Thanks gregathit and WappyOne

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I hope that Antonio121989 won't mind me hijacking his thread, but I have a similar question : I'd like to deactivate animation support for a creature in LAPF + creatures. How can I do that ?


Let's say I want to remove rats, but keep everything else as is. Would it be enough to remove the line for rats from the xLoversCreature.ini file, or would I have to additionally meddle with the LoversIdleAnimsPriority.esp ? What exactly needs to be done ?


Any insight would be very helpful to me, and appreciated.

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