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How can I optimize ENB for DoF only?


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ATM I have my game looking beautiful without any ENB and it runs smooth. But now I really want to run with an ENB, if at least for some quality DoF because I know my PC can't handle the big stuff like SSAO. My question for you all is, how can I optimize an ENB to display DoF only? I already went in the configurator and disabled everything except DoF and it doesn't seem to affect performance one way or the other. I wouldn't think DoF alone would cause such a performance hit, but what do I know?


Would appreciate any assistance.


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OP, have you read this before? Sounds like you're new into ENBs.



Also, what's your PC specs? It ain't simple using ENBs because not all PCs are made equal. The best screenshots are made possible because they're rendered by very expensive gaming rigs, and even then they're running full tilt just to get that super-crisp screenshot.


BTW, since you also have a thread asking about screen-fu, read this:


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Alright I think I got it figured out thanks to help of that ENB guide and learning how to use the in-game configurator. I managed to get around 45-50 fps with a performance preset. More playable frame rates than the 15-30 I was getting before. The only problem I can see now is that a lot of shadows have this ugly hatch pattern.


My specs


CPU: AMD FX-6300 6 cores @ 3.5GHz


RAM: 8GB DDR3 @ 1600MHz


(I am aware this is no super gaming rig)

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