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[REQUEST] Bloodkin Bride


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This is my first request, so I'm unsure of the procedure, but here I go.


Basically, I desire a mod that expands upon the 'Bloodkin' concept given to the Dragonborn after completing the Forgemaster's Fingers quest. Since the title basically makes any non-orc have the same rights as an Orc within the Stronghold, I figured it would not be odd for the Chieftain to claim female Dragonborns as their brides, or at least attempt to.


I figured something like the chieftain challenging you to a brawl, or possibly actual combat, in order to exert his dominance over you, where if you won, he'd drop the subject, but losing the brawl/fight causing you to become his trophy-wife.


If possibly, I'd like it so there would be both benefits, such as having a high-level Orcish Bodyguard as a permanent follower while you are outside the Stronghold, and responsibilities, such as being required to sleep with the Chieftain at least once a week.


Anyone able to produce such a mod? It seems simple to me, but I have no knowledge of the CK, so this could in fact be an extremely difficult task.

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