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(Request)Looking for "Shake It" Dance Mod version 2.5 (or "numbers instead of titles" esp."


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Hi, I'm so sorry to make this request thread but I'm in a bit of dire straights. I've been looking to make this mod work for some time. The dance mod "Shake it" was taken down from The Nexus quite some time ago. I have the last version released (3.0), but I need the "numbers instead of titles" esp." to get the mod working FNIS. Does anyone by chance have a version of this that works? I'd appreciate it to no end!


Thank you so much!




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http://www.loverslab.com/topic/19128-what-mod-is-this-non-adult-skyrim-edition/What mod is it non adult skyrim thread http://www.loverslab.com/topic/21287-what-mod-is-this-vi/ what mod is it adult skyrim.  There are also 2 threads Where can I find...? - Skyrim Adult Requests and Where can I find...? - Skyrim Non Adult Requests.


These threads were made so people can ask about a mod or where to find a mod without making new threads that end up burying the threads people want to find. It also helps keep the mods/admin from having to lock threads for deletion and throwing out links all the time.

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