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NPC Collision - anyone have it working reliably?


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I'm using Groovtama's latest skeleton's (2.14, iirc) and HDT 14.28. HDT/collision is working for my PC via clp's method of adding the havok node to the female head mesh. Using test animations, I have breast, belly, and butt collision working correctly. However, none of the NPCs show the same collisions even when running the same animations, nor do collisions between my PC and NPCs seem to work, despite having added the havok node, in varying stages, to every bit that makes up fe/male body meshes. After having read many, many posts, I haven't come up with anything that's worked as a solution for me. Although, frustratingly, I found several people with the same problem with the only follow up being either nothing or "i got it working" without an explanation of what they did, or, for the solutions I did find, that solution did not work in my case. I've also verified that the correct bones are present in the hdtm.xml I'm using for HDT, which, IIRC, came from the all in one here on LL, with others having also been tested. Finally, the hdt log isn't showing any errors, and does show both my hdt and hdtm xml files being loaded.


So, the question: what is the consensus of the correct way to get collisions working for both NPCs, and between the PC and NPCs? Is there one, or is it "just keep dicking with it until success"?

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Check and see if all your nif injections are spelled correctly. And they're pointing to the right place, female head injections are HDT Havok path for the first text line and data/skse/plugins/hdtphysicsextensionsdefaultBBP.xml (Even if you're using mod organizer) The male hands is HDT Havok Path for the first text line and data/skse/plugins/hdtm.xml I'm using just that, xpmse skeleton, hdt 14.28 and injecting into the male hands (all of them) And female head.  



Having read somewhere, npc's won't have the collision if I remember right, but your interaction with them will have it.

If you're having collisions working on yourself, that means it is working correctly. The animations may be what doesn't have the tbbp/hdt and that's why you're not seeing it, sadly. Some of them are older and just don't have it set up. I don't know how that matters but apparently it does. That's why Groovtama has a bbp hkx file and a standard hdt one. The one with bbp will allow some of the animations to show, but has some downsides. With smaller breasts I don't notice it but it does allow the older animations to have some physics movement.

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There is no 100% good method.


Following methods are:


1. Manually tie the Havok XML node to Head/Feet/Hands/Torso Mesh


  • Head Meshes won't work for NPC's since they have facegen heads for each NPC
  • Feet/Torso/Hands Mesh will only work for NPC's not wearing Boots/Armour/Clothing/Gloves respectively

2. Use a dummy Havok Object (AKA: Havok Object)


  • You need a free item slot
  • There is no reliable way to auto-distribute the object so that all VALID actors only have the object, and invalid actors are not given the object (and consequently force crashing Hydro's plugin from working for anything else.)
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OK, that makes sense now blabba. Thanks. I tried adding it to a specific NPC's exported head, but the collisions in the idle still didn't seem to be occurring. I even took a long shot and added it to the female skeleton, but that didn't seem to work either. But at least it's more than I knew this morning.

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Is your collision reliable working ?


On my game there is a random chance that the collision isn't working. (Using havok object)


If i start the game again and load a game slot with a working setup there is a 50% chance that it won't work on a "menu-load". (As usual anothing in any log file.)


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