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No bounce during sex animations?


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Ive installed the following mods :


-CBBE body

-XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended

-I Love Cleavage armor mod for cbbe

-HDT Physics extension


I get bouncing boobs during normal walk, combat etc, but no bounce during sex animations :s!!


Help please!!



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If you have HDT properly setup then it won't matter what animations you use, they all will have movement.


The level of movement will be controlled by your xml though.

As ive said i have bouncing boobs during normal animations ie walking etc.. BUT NOT during sex.

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And that's because most sexual animations don't actually contain a lot of movement to exaggerate breast movement.


Tweak your xml to get more exaggerated movement.

Ive already downloaded one xml that exagerates bouncing, it bounces a lot during walk.

But still no bounce during sex animations even when the girl is jumping around -.-

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