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[Question] how can i change the hair colors like pubic, arm pit and butt hairs along with head hair color from race menu?


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hi everyone, how are you?

i want to know if there's a way to make other parts of the body hairs to change color with the head hairs' color from race menu.

My ZGGB CHML body mod that has pubic, belly and butt hairs and i want these hairs to match with the head hair colors from race menu mod. Changing the color through nifkope by making a different color texture file and replacing is too much work if you have outfits and armors designed that way to show these hairs on the body parts.

Can anyone plz tell me how can i do that?

i'll be really gratefull.

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This is actually sort of a complex issue.


There's a bug with just setting it to the shader type that's the same as the hair.

Apparently on un-equip your mesh will lose the tint color for whatever reason.


No really good solution has come up yet. Maybe if Expired gets some time he can take a look into it xD

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There are no permanent hair type, at least not mesh based.


When you equip an armour, you are generally equipping a new mesh with a body and armour in it. When you unequip the armour, you re-equip your nude body mesh.


That's the basis of how skyrim works and also the root of the problem. The re-equipped nudebody mesh will lose it's tint data for some reason.

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oh alright, i read some where that added the pubic to the head will works but it didn't for me.

i imported the head meshes into 3ds max and then pubic hairs. after skinning i exported the nif file then did the nifskope stuff.

in the game pubic weren't showing on the body and head shape became to default just like the actual femalehead.nif has and wasn't changing in the race menu.


i also watched a tutorial for how to make hairs in 3ds max, in the video the author used hair andd fur modifier which only shows the right hairs in the render window, in the perspective window there only bunch of hair lines. also there wasn't any exporting tut. i was watching it so i can make my original hairs for skyrim. i looked some other tuts but there were same. now i'm just giving up for today lol.

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