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[WIP] Fairy Race and Follower - need help


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Hello there,


I'm trying to create a fairy race that uses unique animations, like hovering in idle, and flying instead of walking running sprinting and with flying combat skills (mainly casting and bow attacks).

The problem is: I have no idea how to work with behaviour files to assign a different folder for the race animations.

Seeing that this is something that was accomplished with PCEA, would anybody with knowhow be so kind to give me some tips on how to set this?

I suppose what I need is to add the FairyRace to a behavior file and have this behavior point to the anims in the race folder, something like animations\FaeryRace\female and animations\FaeryRace\male

I tried reading the documentation by fore and checking the files in PCEA, but I still have no idea how to accomplish this.

Sorry if I'm not very clear, I have no understanding of behaviour files and english is not my first language.

Help me LoversLab Community, you're my only hope!


P.S. I tested the idea with the animations of Flying mod used as replacers for player animations with PCEA and it totally works! I just need to learn how to assign them to a different folder and how to set the behaviours to that race to search for animations in that folder.

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Ok first of all, you need to make defaultmale.hkf and defaultfemale.hkf by copying and pasting the orginals inside the Data\meshes\actors\character\ folder.

Then copy and paste the same things inside the Data\meshes\actors\character\characters\ and Data\meshes\actors\character\characters female\ and change their extension to hkf. Then hex both defaultmale.hkf and defaultfemale.hkf so they will use the files with hkf extension. You should also hex the defaultmale.hkf and defaultfemale.hkf inside Data\meshes\actors\character\characters\ and Data\meshes\actors\character\characters female\ respectively so they their path would be Animations\PCEAf\male for male animations and Animations\PCEAf\female\ for female animations. Do this for every animation you want, except paired animations. Then inside Data\meshes\actors\character\animations make a folder and name it PCEAF. Inside PCEAF make two folders male and female. That's where you place all of the animations for hovering. Then you should run FNIS atleast once so your characters won't have a T-pose. Then open the hkf files to check if the path are still correct. I don't know why it's necessary to run FNIS, but once you've done it, you don't have to do it again. Let me know if it works. The only problem I have so far is the occasional very rare t-pose. But I don't mind if I get to have a new race with new animations.

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Seems a pretty straight forward procedure. But my ignorance is still in my way. Check to see if I'm doing it right:


First step - Copy defaultmale.hkf and defaultfemale.hkf from Data\meshes\actors\character to Data\meshes\actors\character\characters\ (the defaultmale.hkf) and to Data\meshes\actors\character\characters female\ (the defaultfemale.hkf)


Second step - hex the original defaultmale.hkf and defaultfemale.hkf to use files with .hkf extension. Question: How do I "hex" a file? I have no idea how to do it.


Third step - hex the defaultmale.hkf and defaultfemale.hkf that I pasted in the new folders to use a new path for animations - do it for any animations I want except paired animations. Question: The new path have to be animations\PCEAf\male and animations\PCEAf\female? Or I can set it to animations\FairyRace\male and animations\FairyRace\female ?


Fourth step - create folders corresponding to the path defined in the third step above and place the animations there.


Fifth step - Run FNIS and test ingame. Question: How the game knows that these animations are to be used only by my custom race? Do I set them in CK to use the defaultmale.hkf and defaultfemale.hkf that I "hexed"? And what if another mod overwrite those files? They have to be in those specific folders or can I use a custom folder to isolate them from other mods?


Sorry if I sound blunt. English is not my first language and sometimes I sound to direct to native english speakers. (I actually had to google "guppy tails" to understand your post on mermaids topic - the guppy tails really look better, I'll try to implement them in the mesh to make it more like the picture you posted on page 12 of that topic)

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You need a program called ConvertUi, to convert the hkx files into hkx files that can be opened in notepad. I forgot where I downloaded it. Then hex it, by hex I mean change the paths. Then convert it back to hkx file that is for skyrim. Don't rename into to hkf yet when converting coz it might not recognize.


The path has to be PCEAF in order for FNIS to recognize it. It only needs to be run once. Then maybe you can rename it to FairyRcae, but you also have to change the path in hkf file.


In CK where you make a new race, where it says defaultmale.hkx, change it to defaultmale.hkf. Maybe you can also name it to FairyDefaultMale.hkx, if you also changed them internally, I haven't tried but I'm positive it could work.


If you're having a hard time, I can send you my files if you want.




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The only defaultmale and defaultfemale I found where defaultmale.hkx in meshes\actors\character\characters and defaultfemale.hkx in meshes\actors\character\characters female - I'm pretty sure these files were create by FNIS Generator. They also have a different extension .hkx not .hkf

Where can I find the original defaultmale.hkf and defaultfemale.hkf? I tried inspecting Skyrim - Meshes.bsa but found nothing there.

Maybe if I can look at your files I'll understand better.

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Ok, so I won't have a hard time typing I will only refer to male, but you should do the same for female. There should be two defaultmale.hkx. The one in meshes\actors\character\defaultmale.hkx is the smaller file which will have a path to the other defaultmale.hkx characters\defaultmale.hkx. The bigger one in meshes\actors\character\characters\defaultmale.hkx will have a path for almost each animation Animations\PCEAf\male, or what you want Animations\FairyRace\male. Don't run FNIS again or it might break.


There are no .hkf files in the vanilla game because that is just an extension name I invented for fairies.

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Thanks, that answer more than one question. If the extension .hkf is created for this mod, this reduces a bit the chances of conflicts with other mods.

I'll try to follow the instructions and see if I can have it working. If there is problem I'll probably nag you again.

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