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Crash when nearing Dawnguard


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I can't really see anything out of place but there are many mods you have I never used before.

But don't you use bashed patch? Did you clean your master files?

Also if the ctd is happening 100% at the same spot, you could just use process of elimination and uncheck mods until you find the culprit.

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They will. When you create a clean master and confirm they work great then make copies. I have done this. Now when there is an unusually strange problem which happens about once every year or so then I can verify. I first however follow normal tricks and check my mods and such to be sure.


One quick way to check if you don't want to verify the cache of the game. Uninstall all the mods from the manager and start a new game. If you can fast travel to the location and enter then you have a mod issue. If you can't you have an issue with the game. ;). Keep in mind if you use multiple mod managers or manually installed any games.. this might not be accurate.

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