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Sexlab Defeat will not enable in SkyUI

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Hey everyone, I currently started modding skyrim, however, I downloaded the sexlab framework, FNIS, and SkyUI for sexlab defeat. However, once all the content loads into the skyui and I have to enable defeat in game it does not work. I says that it is installing and to hit accept and exit. I do that and on the top left it says Defeat Installed, however, when i go back to change the options it still is disabled despite being activated. Therefore, no options appear. I have ran Loot, FNIS, and TES5dit as well as followed a step by step video online on how to set it up and it just will not enable. Anyone have any ideas? Also I have uninstalled and reinstalled the mod also so I am out of ideas. 


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  1. Are you using an old version of sexlab?

  2. Are you running this on a new save?

  3. Have you given Sexlab time to initiate before you try to configure things? Like gotten out of the starter dungeon, or use LAL and picked a life and started it exiting the starting room?

  4. ????

Sadly, without a log I can only speculate what is wrong.

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All of the content I have running is skyui, sexlab, sexlab defeat. Sexlab is working because it is allowing me to choose options but defeat appears but will not let me enable. I have given it time to enable but no luck there either. I don't know how to get you a log but im out of ideas. I even tryed reinstalling the mod and the save thing happens. 

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As mentioned, make sure you have the latest version of SKSE.


Is this in an existing game? Do you see the same problem in a new game?


Try opening the console and entering setStage SKI_ConfigManagerInstance 1 then wait for the menus to register again. See if the Defeat MCM is accessible after that.


For anything further we'd need to see a papyrus log for a session where you are seeing this problem.

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im having the same trouble. skunkdeath did you manage to get around it?


To be more precise, the mod is enabled, however the submenus contain nothing but only "disabled". Only the top level menu works ( the first tab) the rest "player as victim" etc only show "disabled". I've tried all combinations of saving, quitting, reinstalling, disabling and re-enabling, waiting for it to give it time to start up etc.


I did try the console command too which did not solve the problem at hand.


Just what is the problem?

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