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[Idea] Skyrim....Borderlands....Skyrim+Borderlands=? (Skylands?!)


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Ok so mind you this is another whacky idea spawned from a mind that has little else to do all day other than scheme of greatness. This idea was obviously spawned from my love of Skyrim and Borderlands. Both epic games but what makes Borderlands FEEL like Borderlands. Well in my opinion that would be that unique cartoonish look of simplified textures and hard black edges. Ok so with that being said could the same thing be applied to Skyrim. Could Skyrim instead of being played as some epic cinematic adventure on par with Lord of the Rings greatness be instead played as a grand scale cartoon, sort of D&D-feel adventure? 


I figure that some of this effect could be applied to the game via an ENB preset though I have little knowledge of that stuff. Saturation or desaturation and a lot of other effects could be done in ENB.  I use it quite a lot and I love it but it is sort of like my body, I love it when it works but when it doesn't I hate it. 


The other part of this 'conversion' would probably have to be done through texture replacement. Since we are talking about world-changing replacements here I get that this would be a daunting process and huge labor to edit all the textures needed. Though I expect that the process could be made easier if one starts with one of the many high rez texture packs that already replaces a large majority of textures and then create a reliable Photoshop automation process that could be applied to each texture. Then you could just let Photoshop automate the process and let your computer do its thing overnight and check back later. 


I will venture to do some texture conversions myself but I won't touch the ENB stuff as I don't want to go breaking things. Lol I don't mind breaking things in the search for art but I like to know how to put them together again!


I will post whatever conversions I come up with and if people want to get on board that would be cool too but I don't expect it. 

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