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How Do You Make Your Player Look like A Modded Npc?


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I have been pulling my hair out trying to make my player look like the Hidielle follower mod. I have tried using Ck and scouring Google but I can't see to find a way of making my character look like a MODDED follower. I must be missing something....



Any Help Would be Greatly Appreciated. :heart:


Hidielle Follower 1.5 - http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1287-hidielle-follower/

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It's possible there using a hybrid mesh and/or skin. Have you tried to contact the follower author for a RM preset or CME save? You'd still need many of the mods he used to create but it'd be a great start point for mimic.


Racemenu mimic plugin is still in alpha stages, but there are plans to be able to 'face copy' modded npcs in the future

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The Head copy plugin doesn't seem to make a 1 to 1 copy. I tired to add in the mod's meshes and textures and this is what i got after 30 or so minutes of copy and pasting and using the racemenu copy plugin.

What hidielle looks like in game.


What my character looks like




Btw everything is running on low. till I upgrade around the holidays.



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