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[Sims 3] Simple Lingerie (accessory)

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Simple Lingerie (accessory)


(afBodyRomanticBabydollRuffle / afBodyRomanticLaceBustier texture edits)


While cleaning my mods folders I found two packages I don’t use anymore but doesn’t mean someone could.



These were some of my very first mods, a relatively simple texture edit for two of the “The Sims 3: Master Suite” undergarments. I removed the meshes and enable the textures as accessories, it’s a very lazy easy way to avoid messing with morphs, clipping, etc. The downside is they look a little bit “flat” from up-close, if you aren’t pioneering macro photography in The Sims 3 you’ll be fine :P



Both can be used by YoungAdult and Adult Females, categories: naked, everyday, formalwear, sleepwear, career, outwear and validformaternity. …BabydollRuffle is located in the gloves slot and …LaceBustier in the stockings.



They look best on busty sims and in light colors/patterns.




NOTE: If you want to use more than one accessory in the same slot download Nraa’s Master Controller and enable it in the CAS options.

--Do whatever you want with this stuff, just give credit--









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hello I do not speak English so use google translator, I really wish you could make clothes pants and blouses women as accessories but what interests me most is skirts, have not found any to be used as accessories, they invent many things but skirts ever !! please could do short skirts or mini skirts and turn to accessories, the need for a voluptuous body that does not bring clothes, I look much internet and finally achieve some accessories like clothes locate an skirts but do not exist.

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Thank you so much for responding so fast, it is difficult to find accessories to use as clothes but I managed a while ago downloading accessories Leggins and sweater wearing them as clothes, the only thing I lack is a skirt, so download the RomanticBabydollRuffle and use it as a miniskirt and I added a bra bikini accessory complete the dress, thanks for your work I have downloaded other of her accessories

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