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[REQ] Need help with pregnancy belly shape.


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I generated a pregnancy-weighted UNP Topmodel body, by using Mesh Rigger to copy the belly weights from b3lisario's pregnancy body. It looks reasonable... but it can be improved upon in my opinion.
Compare the body with this real life picture. Notice how low the belly sinks: it looks more like a meatshield for the vagina than a pregnant body. 




Can anyone clarify the cause of this? Which tools and methods can be used to improve on it? I tried strengthening the weights in Outfit Studio, hoping that the skin would then stick closer to the belly bone and not sink so low, but when I export the .nif, my edits don't seem to get saved in it. (I don't possess 3D editing skills, but can work with simple tools such as Outfit Studio and Mesh Rigger.)
Or does anyone know of a better weighted body? I tried no less than 10 of the pregnancy bodies (b3lisario, 7base, variants by vioxsis, abada, dagimpyman, deltaklata, underhillth...) but could not get it right.
I'd appreciate any pointers to set me in the right direction.
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This needs a lot of bumping 'till someone explains how to fix saggy bouncebrests and the screwed up pregnant belly. I'm actually using the same method as you do for the UNP body and its clothing, since I haven't found any preg replacers for the base UNP body, neither vanilla-style nor skimpy. The method being used is simple enough, though the results aren't the best. I work around this by reducing the maximum pregbelly scale in Beeing Female, which isn't the best, but it works for me. I'll take a break from this weighting project for a week or two and wait for someone to reply to this. Eventually, I'll finish the weighting, compile a mixed bunch of vanilla-style and skimpy armor (for example: I'm keeping most of the heavy armors UNP, but the Ancient Nord set will be in the Naughty Remodel version, and female Ebony set in the Valkyrie version, except the helmet, for which I found a very nice slimmer looking model). I might release it here under a different user name.

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Fixing Skeleton Deformations (Crushed/Torpedo Breasts etc...) http://www.loverslab.com/topic/34798-fixing-skeleton-deformations-crushedtorpedo-breasts-etc/



90% of armour modders, body modders and people who generally model don't know exactly how skeletons or 'rigging/skinning' works. Or they are used to a more advanced form where their exporters can take care of the fixes/mistakes that most commonly occur. Lots of people have come out and made custom skeletons that have changed the bone positions, or changed the scales of these bones. Which in turn cause other modders to weigh it to these custom scales and positions. Which when your using the same EXACT skeleton that you used when weighting the mesh, in-game it will look fine. But if your using a DIFFERENT skeleton, than what you used when weighting the skeleton, and this different skeleton has a changed scale, or moved bone, that's when you get the distortions.


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Well I'm not ashamed to admit: I'm among the 90% who don't know what they're doing. This is because I try to find things out for myself before I go bothering anybody. I posted here because I was at my wit's end.


I don't fully understand blabba's post. It appears to suggest that UNPB (on which b3lisario's body mesh was based, presumably) was built on a faulty skeleton. So I tried using Mesh Rigger and replacing the skeleton in b3lisario's mesh by the XPMSE 2.14 skeleton entirely.



Results did not improve.


I suppose I could use Mesh Rigger to fix the head, hands and feet, but the belly hasn't gotten any better, so there's little point in continuing that route.

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I don't have a problem with crushed/torpedo breasts, it's just that the gravity simulation with the UNPBPreg causes them to not appear as firm and young as with the base (static) UNP body. I'm not a big fan of the jiggly breasts, but I do want to have the breasts and belly scalable for pregnancy.


Perhaps the problem could be subverted by having the pregnancy mods scale the belly in a different way, inspired by how body weight is handled by the vanilla game.

I'll explain myself using BeeingFemale as a reference.

BF has three pregnancy stages (trimesters)

Analogous to how the body shape is determined by having a weight 0 and weight 100 mesh, each trimester could have an altered body mesh and maybe even texture (based off of SG, of course) at its end. So during the first trimester, the body would deform over time from the normal body replacer state until it would reach its 1st trimester shape state. During the second, the body would be continuously deforming from the End1stTrimester mesh to the End2ndTrimester mesh, and the same way for the third trimester, and then a body mesh for the replenishment phase. This would disallow any user customisation of scaling magnitude and the mods would increase in size since you'd have to add at least 8 new meshes (2 per trimester) and maybe even textures (only talking about one body replacer variant), but we'd have beautiful prenant bellies, and isn't that what we ultimately want with pregnancy mods?

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Well if you don't fully understand something it is best to ask them about the things you do not understand by posting a question in their thread I'm sure he will be very happy to help you to understand anything that you are confused about/not understanding. 


It might also have to do with the TBBP/BBP body/skeleton that you are using I got that body in the wrong area before when I tried to add 7base TBBP to a UNP body.

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