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Skyrim Cannot Load

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Hello everyone!


I would like to start by saying:

I am not trying to make a "have at thee" post, but I really am not sure what needs to be done.


I have installed SexLabFramework along with maybe 5 mods that go with it and then maybe another 4 mods that those mods suggested. I followed the guide on which mods to install, so I doubt I am out-right missing something.


So the issue is painfully simple: I start skyrim from NMM using the SKSE launch, it shows the Bethesda loading screen animation, and then closes.

I never get to the title screen. 


I have a fatal error but I don't know what to do about it. The only log I am aware of is the 'PapyrusUtilDev' which only says "Loading"


Is there another log for fatal errors such as this one?


What steps should I take to finding and the problem?


I am not asking you to fix my problem, I am looking for suggestion on what I need to do to find it. On the FAQ and Troubleshooting guide I did not see anything mention Skyrim itself not starting, most of the topics were on Animation or in game crashes.


Thanks in advance!



**EDIT** I guess it is worth mentioning that the issue is somewhere within SexLab and the mods downloaded for it; I have successfully played Skyrim with mods before so it has nothing to do with NMM's set up or the vanilla game.

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