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.fbx Importer for Blender 2.49b


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There is a plugin program called Noesis which lets you convert various 3d formats.

I had worked on several dark souls meshes with it long ago. Probably .flv, I don't remember. So, you could load them up on Noesis, export as .obj, and import that into Blender.



fixed typo. plugin -> program

silly what's wrong with me

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Thanks for the very useful info, movomo.

I did it!


Btw, could you send me the link of your dark souls mod?

I want dark souls 1 & 2 armor in Oblivion so bad....* tear down my eyes


I'm trying to converting XiNAVRO's dark souls mod to Oblivion.

But still don't have much time to focus on modding.


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