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Back to Skyrim and need some advice about mods


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Hello everyone !


It's been a really long time last time I played Skyrim. After thousands of hours I got bored and had to make a big pause by playing other games.

Fortunatly, the modding community is just amazing and I saw some good new stuff for TESV, as always!


I would like to start a fresh new game, with a Data file completely clean. And unlike my previous saves, I'd like to keep ultra skimpy armors out of the way, I found it made the game much more real/immersive and interesting.

Though I'm going to get back my SevenBase body & Hunting Grounds Outfit for 7base. This armor was just awesome.


I would like to know if some of you well informed could give me some advice about some really good mods like :


- DLC-like mods with good content.


- Mods that improve the vanilla gameplay (I saw the Civil War mod, but I was afraid of the mention "can still cause issues/bugs with your game" (I mean, I didn't know if it was rather safe to use or not).


- Any mod that has 7Base body vanilla clothes/armors replacer but non-skimpy?



Thank you !

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DLC-ish mods (new lands, dungeons, NPC, quests, etc): Wyrmstooth, Falskaar

Really good quest/dungeon mods: Wheels of Lull or any of Trainwiz's mods.

Gameplay: Revenge of the AI (smarter enemy), Immersive Patrol (can replace the civil war mod to some extend, very safe)

NEVER install Requiem. It makes your game unfairly hard, and generally not fun to play.

7base body non-skimpy: The only one I know is FastestDog's armor mod (I think he already covered all vanilla armors, not sure about DLC's)

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I advise against anything that changes the civil war, its just too buggy when they change it and to this date nothing does it without possibly breaking your game.


Deadly dragons for stronger dragons.

I like ultimate combat and deadly duel combo. Makes the game fun and hard.

Apocalypse magic mod or anything by Enaistation, that guy is a genius with magic mods. Check out his shout overhaul also.


Wyrmsooth is good, I just finished it and heard great things about Falskaar.



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Wyrmstooth is superior and well-planned; Falskaar was more like a working portfolio for a would-be game developer.


UNP has some non-skimpy great armor, but I don't know if there are 7B equivalents (otherwise the converter that comes with Bodyslide should work).



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