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Help please - Eye color


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When I turn into a vampire my eyes change red. I dont like the color so I have been trying to revert it back to the color I had but I cant seem to find that color in my files heres the color:




I have the "bright eyes" mod. I have been pretty much copying every eye file and renaming it to the vampire eye file so that I get that eye instead but I cant find that same one! Its killing me :(


I have been trying to become a vampire forever (had to cure Werewolf which was bugged every step of the way) and now that I finally did I want my char to still look good. :heart:


Is there anyway for me to load an old safe and find what file the eye color is reading from?


Please help me! :D

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I have not looked at this, but I would guess that under the Character\headpart\female in the CK editor you will find something like FemaleeyesWoodelfVampire, FemaleeyesOrcVampire, what ever.


Making a new nif file from your characters head in nifskope, and changing the eyes to what you want. Then add that nif to the Character\headpart\female\FemaleEyes[YourRace]Vampire in the CK editor and saving as and esp would be a good way to fix it the way you want, and you could turn it off latter when you were done with it.

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I cant use my creation kit until I get my second harddrive in :/ was hoping there was a mod or something that just made it so camps dont change appearance or just a simple file name change but it seems just being a vampire is messing with the eyes (not just the texture) maybe glowing or something? I donno

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