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Is there skyrim texturing documentation somewhere?

Monsto Brukes

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That's kind of a "this is how you do it" kinda thing.


What DXT compressions should you use at what times?

Why name the normal map as _n? Isn't there a difference to the game regarding _n and _msn?

Specular uses the alpha channel . . . of which texture? The diffuse, specular or the n/msn?


And as I'm googling around again, I'm seeing comments that the nif file format isn't well documented either. Surprise.

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DXT1 is the one you would be using for all skyrim type textures and DXT5 for textures that have an alpha channel, but both have terrible default compression, so you will get artifacts if you save with those. " ARGB 32 bpp | unsigned" is the uncompressed format you can use to avoid compression artifacs.


as for skyrim normals naming _msn is for the bump mapping(mainly used in bodies), _n is bump map with an alpha channel(used for specular), _sk is the tone mapping (bodies), _s is the specular (bodies)


note that if you have a transparent diffuse map, you dont need the normals to have the same alpha channel as the diffuse, as the games just overlays the alpha to all the normals from the diffuse.

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