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Now, I'm sure there are other people wondering this, but I haven't seen a post anywhere about it. Are there any other animations that do HDT physics justice? We all see the original TBBP animations and optionals, as well as the 3dm Sexy Idle Animations come up as recommendations, but I always wonder if there are any other animations that most people, including myself, don't know about. 


Feel free to link to any mods that you feel answer the question. I'm just tired of using base TBBP animations without having anything else to fall back on. 

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I could be wrong but as far as i know HDT Physics has nothing to do with animations.


This would mean that in theory you could have your character in T pose (no animations) and if you jump (character model moves up and falls down) hdt physics would move boobs and but.

If that is true then any animation (not just TBBP animations) will also have HDT Physics working.

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Well hdt override animations if same names used.

if say you got wings skinned to wing bones in xpms skeleton and animated with this bones and then you want them to hang or flop making them hdt together.

You must create (copy-paste) new bones in skeleton (and rename them)  for hdt .When import mesh in 3d soft, need to weightpaint new bones, hdt will use your new names with def names that use animations and will not conflict. Otherwise hdt will use def node names and will override animations.


hdt Wings hangs > hit key(animation mod) and they spread > key > return to hdt

Like Arkham Batman cape.Thus many skeletons for mods,they have custom bones that objects are skinned on them. 

There, shared my exp with you, for your future endeavors  :)

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