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How are the sex mods?


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First off let me apologize if this is the wrong section and for asking a very broad question that has likely been asked time and time again though I couldn't find anything that really had the answer I was looking for.


I've recently been thinking about picking up Oblivion mainly for the sex mods. I realize whether or not them being worth it is highly subjective both in what arouses people and the content of all the different mods but I thought I'd ask anyways. I have played around with a few of them in both New Vegas and Skyrim. With New Vegas I lost interest fairly quickly with what few I grabbed but with Skyrim I enjoyed it for a bit until I started running into bugs and features flat out not working. Sex related quests were pretty neat a good way to "earn" your fap. Based off of that would it be worth checking out the mods in Oblivion? I know already that the base game and shivering isles is pretty great but as I've gone through them before my main focus is on the mods.

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Oblivion Sex Mods: boring, not worth it, forget it:D


Hey what Mods do you want ? http://www.loverslab.com/topic/6799-lovers-plugin-index-with-direct-links/

You need Oblivion and Shivering isles  and the Sex-Framework = "LAPF" , and if you want creatures Sex "LoversCreatures2" (It is like SexLap Framework, without Mods happens almost nothing )


And see the Link in my Signature, how to install Oblivion right so that all required tools work.

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In my opinion Oblivion > Skyrim in everthing but beatuification mods. If you want to play it for the mods i would say go for it, but still gotta warn you that some mods won't let you advance in the story, sadly that happened to me had a lot of mods and dunno wich one caused a conflict and my game crashed after a certain event in the story, not that you need to advance in the story if you only want to enjoy it for the mods tho, you will have a blast with all the mods around.

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