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Build your own Deviant house


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judt thought it would be neat if someone could make a build your own house mod that had compatibility with Deviant devious and stuff. it would be fun to roll a DOm and build your own castle of bondage and sex.


could include things like:


  • Expandable cellers/dungeons.  you could pay so much to expand the basement to a maximum of like 10 rooms.
  • Upgradeable Dungeon. a special dungeon could be possible to build with detached holding cells for your followers/subs. each time you upgrade you get more stronger gear that has better restraining abilities and looks. the cell itself could be enhanced to give more cages for a total of 10 for example. plus if your into hentaicreatures you could have a animal section with machine meant to increase their sexual prowess if you don't have time to train them constently.
  • Special quests. you could add a storyline where you need to restore some bondage or other type equipment or maybe to fetch some sort of special componant to a very usful bondage item. (Or just a bondage throne empowering jewel so you can make the best teir of bondage throne if your itno that stuff.
  • Patch Support. you could have a series of patches available to change the look and textures of the furniture in the main house so that it has bondagey looks.

This is just thoughts I had when playing with some of these mods. I think it would be great to have a nice dom house available that is big. and was sad when i saw there wasn't any. so i had to settle with a hearthfire house. really hope someone will take this idea into consideration. I have tried to do it myself but I'm not sure how to do it...

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hey guys , i was thinkin this same thing, and if you look up darkfox 127 on youtube, he has a tutorial similar to the hearthfire mod for building a house from a custom workbench, may be its what could be the start of a new mod here,sorry i cannot post links as i am a jr member,lol...........anyways , jus a thought to help out.

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I did it by getting a hearthfire house, building the main hall and cellar, then not using any pre-made cellar furniture and placing some of my own.



player.placeatme [furniture base id]


then moving and rotating with:

getangle [x/y/z]

setangle [x/y/z] [0-360]

getpos [x/y/z]

setpos [x/y/z] [#]


You can get the zaz furniture baseIDs by opening the mod file or going to the test zone by:

coc zbftestzone



If you're curious, here's what I did in the console to place furniture in the hearthfire cellar:


player.placeatme a7613

(click the door)

setpos x 0

setpos y -2240

setpos z 87

setangle x 0

setangle y 0

setangle z 270




The rest of the furniture is going to be the same set of commands, so I'm going to abbreviate it to:

a7613 | 0, -2240, 87 | 0, 0, 0

where the first part is the id, the first set of 3 numbers are position in x, y, z, and the second set of 3 numbers are position in x, y, z


The rest of the furniture:

a7613 | 370, -1856, 87 | 0, 0, 270

(a cabinet id) | 403, -1855.5, -17 | 0, 0, 90

fedc7 | 250, -2100, 0 | 0, 0, 270


The following are for both aa043 and aa041 (cage and cage door)

aa043 | 150, -2340, 88 | 0, 0, 270

aa043 | 150, -2590, 88 | 0, 0, 270

aa043 | 150, -2840, 88 | 0, 0, 270

aa043 | -155, -2910, 88 | 0, 0, 90

aa043 | -155, -2660, 88 | 0, 0, 90

aa043 | -155, -2410, 88 | 0, 0, 90


I also just placed a bedroll (3b3ce) and bucket (12fdf) in each cage, not precisely, just kind of eyeballed it. You have to set the bedroll x angle to 0 and disable/enable after placing it.


Then I used I'll Take the Display Model mod to place people either into the cages or into various bondage furniture.


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