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Mod Organizer and Bodyslide


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So I started playing skyrim again and I installed the HDT and made it work. The body looks great BUT I can't get Mod Organizer to work with Bodyslide 2, When I start Bodyslide and click preview the bodies are just blacked out with "no image" texts on them. I tried it anyway and of course changing the body had no effect on my game. What am I doing wrong?


I installed everything after this gudie http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49015/?

(unter Troubleshooting)


In the FAQ it says I have to install the bodies as a loose file, but how do I do that with Mod Organizer? If I just put the bodies in my main skyrim folder it won't use it anyway when I start skyrim with Mod Organizer since it uses the profiles it creates?


I would prefer to do everything over Mod Organizer, since it's easier to manage for a noob like because I broke my game quiet often with mods when I played.  If there is no way I probably won't use it.

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So, did you add Bodyslide as executable to Mod Organizer? Like nearly anything else, you have to start it through MO so it can load all the needed files properly. Just download and install Bodyslide like you do with any other mod through MO, and then add the Bodyslide .exe as executable, just like you did with the FNIS tool.

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Yeah I've added it as an executable on Mod Organizer and it starts without problems I just get the blacked out bodies with "no image" on them when I preview the bodies on Bodyslide. I can adjust the sliders but it doesn't affect the bodies I'm using with Mod Organizer.

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