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Experimenting with maty743's Bosmer armor


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I started a new character recently, trying a Bosmer hunter, and I found there wasn't a whole lot of armor that felt right for her. When I tried maty's Bosmer Armor set, I (re)discovered that the mesh for female characters was bulky in ways that really didn't make it very appealing to me. While I feel that most (functional) armor should have some mass and bulk to it, the mesh had just too darn much.


But this set has some wonderful design choices - rich but subdued textures and colors, interesting lines and layers. So I decided to give it a try and fired up NifSkope and Bodyslide's Outfit Editor and got busy.




I took away the sleeves and leggings, and pushed and pulled the remaining meshes around until they felt more like something tailored to fit the wearer. This is only after my first pass, so there's still clipping issues (mostly at the waist) here and there, and I think I might try removing the pauldrons as they are kind of floating oddly after I took away the sleeve mesh. But the shoulder fabric's faces are missing on the interior in some spots, so I hesitated to do that. But maybe the fabric can be stretched to close those holes without it looking too bad. 


Once I get this cleaned up to my liking, I'll check in with maty and see about sharing it with y'all. 



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