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Creating a Character Specific Race From a Generic One


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OooooooooooooK! Here comes another ridiculous conundrum from yours truly. Lately I have been engaged with the Helgen Reborn mod (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/35841/) and I have to say that it is incredible, definitely on par with a full blown DLC. For those who have played this I am sure you are aware of the follower you can recruit, Cienna. Personally love Cienna, mostly for how effective she is in battle even on one of the hardest game difficulties and for the stability of her other technical aspects like following and stuff. And the voice acting for her is great. Anyway, I want to make her into her own race, aka, remove her from the Breton generic race and set her to CiennaRace. Primarily I want to do this so that I can set and define her own body meshes and textures. Lol spent 12 hours making a texture for her only to realize I didn't really have a clue how to give it to her as she is just a generic Breton. Well I did some fooling around in the Creation Kit, which I hate for its terrible stability, and I think I for the most part succeeded. The problem is that Creation Kit in its usual manner threw up all sorts of errors and I guess a few of them had to do with her .tri files for her head morph. In any case whether it was because of those errors or others, while I have successfully given her a new body and skin, Creation Kit has managed to mangle her beautiful, delicate face. Well, I guess all it did was give it a lousy preset head morph with a different hair.


Sooooooooooo, long story short, I want to know if there is a way to fix her face back to the vanilla mod version while keeping my race specific creations in tact. 


If there is a TES5Edit way of doing this I'd like to know. I tried doing all of this from the start with TES5Edit and failed. All I got was a missing body entirely BUT I didn't mangle her head morph that way. So if there is some stupidly long complex line of data I just need to copy like the ones they have for the Mass Effect 3 head morphs that would be great.


Anyway, thank you all in advance for any help that you can provide.

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On second thought, after experimenting with her it looks like while I have managed to give her her own race and body and textures some how I also made it so that she will not equip clothing. She has armor equipped but she appears naked, if I tell her to put on her clothes then she will do so but her body disappears. If someone wants me to post my edited version I would love it if someone wanted to look over it and tell me where I went wrong. I have sort of been using the UniqueEverything mod as a reference for this but it looks like I might have missed somethings.

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Ok thanks for the help. Your advice did fix her not wearing armor but now if she unequipps the armor her body dissappears. I have a theory why this is happening but I will tell you the problem with my theory in a sec. In CK I was looking at the CiennaNakedSkin armor which was a near duplicate modled off the NakedSkin armor that all other races use. I noticed that with the NakedSkin armor it show the Torso, Hands, and Feet under the Models section. However, when I look at the CiennaNakedSkin armor under the same Models section there is nothing listed. I ticked the 'Show All' checkbox and the Torso, Hands, and Feet models were added  and then I hit ok. Now if I open up the armor entry again I see that the Models I just added are missing. Its like any changes I make to the models don't apply and the changes are lost. Anyway I'm guessing that is why Cienna only has a head when i take off her armor. 

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