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Domme/Sadistic followers?


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Looking for a follower similar to the FNV Cass/Veronica mod, where they're the boss.  The Katreena Darkmoore companion sounds like it has a lot of potential, but only ONE domme/sadist follower is even in dev?


(especially looking for one that might...shall we say, encourage the "leader" to fill soul gems)


Another idea is from one of my own fetishes, the ruinous financial domme.  This follower would, at the end of certain dialogue/scenes, apply a debuff to speech, and possibly speed (simulating your declining confidence), would NOT follow commands to dismiss, and, at high levels of debuff, steal items and gold intelligently (i.e. you sell some expensive things, she rolls up and just takes almost all your gold, leaving you with a few gold septims), or if she detects you have some gear that's very good for her, she'll take it and equip it automatically.

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Yep, we are working on such a follower. The thing is, creating a complex and immersive follower itself is a complex task. Now adding adult stuff on top of it takes even more time because in the development some dependent mods are changing or extending their functionality.


Also you would not want a follower who just gives you orders here and there. It should not be repetitive, but the player should feel that he has not the power anymore. At the same time, it should not be too restrictive otherwise the player would be too much handicapped to play the game. Stuff like that has also to be acknowledged and evaluated.

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I hope this Domme is greedy, sadistic and careless


It would be nice if the domme lets you work for her as sexslave

in banditcamps, militairy camps or taverns.

She can walk you over there bound with gag and a collar.

to make it humiliating , just for 5 gold.

She gets drunk and you can escape.......... (for a while) becauze you love to be Domminized


It is perhaps also createble that you are used as a milk slave

forced milking on a milk machine.  (She'll sell it all)


Perhaps you wil have baby's or gems ... ( She'll sell it all)


If you have a quest... you have to pay her 500 gold , when you returns

or you'll have to earn it ......


I hope this little contribution wil help.........


I am from Holland/Amsterdam, sorry for the typo's



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