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[Request] Setting off Estrus Mimic causes arousal


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Playing Skyrim today after installing "Cursed Loot", it seems easy to avoid setting off any cursed container as long as your arousal rating is below the minimum requirement.


However, if you have Estrus Mimic (that causes arousal) installed; when it goes off on you as you open a mimic container it could/should affect the character's arousal level creating a situation where even if you enter a dungeon with zero arousal there is a huge possiblity that your character will exit the dungeon with cursed devious devices items on as well as a higher arousal rating.


With this idea I don't think any player can avoid having devious devices latch itself onto the character short of uninstalling or disabling the arousal causing Estrus mod if they plan to complete any dungeon?





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I didn't know estrus mimics causes arousal. As far as I know it is independent to all sexlab mods.... how do you link estrus with sexlab arousal?


Sorry if I caused a misunderstanding.   I had thought to see if anyone could possibly make a add-on plugin for the Estrus Mimic that would cause Sexlab based arousal.


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