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All NPC's/character's faces shadow mistint (NOT CK!)


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Heyo peeps - my first post on here, and sadly it is a plea for help rather than a contribution, however, after searching far and wide, I have been utterly unable to come up with any sort of solution to this issue.


I have the exact same problem as detailed in this (unresolved) thread in the original post. When any character is in shadow (even in a totally vanilla instal), their faces tint a cool grey compared to their bodies...  (see this thread: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/3955-greydiscolored-faces/)


Now, what I'm asking here is: Has anyone figured out a fix for this yet, or is this just part of Skyrim when played on Windows 7? And if there is a fix, would someone been so kind as to point me to it? (AS I AM GOING INSANE TRYING TO FIX THIS! GAAAHHH! :@ )

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Hi there.


Do you use any ENB? Can you provide your mod load order? A screenshot of the issue could help too.


As I mentioned in the original post, I am now using a totally vanilla skyrim, and the problem persists, so it cannot be a mod/enb/load order issue. And my screenshots look identical to the ones in the post I linked, as, as best I can tell, I have the identical issue.

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The best you can do is trying to tweak your documents\games\skyrim\skyrimprefs.ini, where the shadows settings are located (NOT the skyrim\data folder).


The first chance is to move/create a backup and delete this file, load the game (a new file is automatically created) and see if the problem persists.


The second is to make a backup of this file again, open it the look for the fShadowBiasScale under [Display]; this is related with the character self cast shadow, so could be a good starting point. Change it to something around 0.3 to 0.6, save and check in game for changes.


Assuming your game is truly 100% vanilla and your graphic card driver is updated, you can start narrowing the error installing Hi-Res face/body textures, changing the game resolution, install a couple of simple ENB or only the Boris base files.


My perception is that could be a graphic card issue or bad lightning/shadows settings. For the last one, this reading can be interesting, check Valorian post for complete information or check this mod description, it covers a lot of tweaks.


I wish you good luck, that seems to be a very annoying bug but probably it is has a simple solution, so don't give up.


P.S - Have you tried the face light mod? did it change anything? Could bring some light (pun intended) in the issue. :)

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Well, thank you, that did prove a slight improvement to the value mismatch while in shadow, though the color tint remains, and no, I have not tried the facelight mod, as it's manual, and it'd be a pain to light every darn NPC in skyrim. :P


If anyone else has any suggestions (even if you think they're probably irrelevant), please, spam them at me - I want to fix this silly issue! :dodgy:

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That is really a weird bug. Did you try to use targeting an NPC and use setscale 1? Or target him and use disable then enable to reset him? I'm just trying to narrow down to the source of the problem.


If it's not MOD, shadow, save game or ENB related, should be a graphical issue, so I'll focus on that.


And you really should try the face light mod, not to use in every NPC but just to see if it solves the problem, understanding what the mod does could help track down to the problem.

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No but in the worst case scenario, you may try install the mod and create/run a batch file applying the face light spell to all NPC.


After fiddling with my graphics setting for a while, it's slightly less noticeable, but still there... And I somehow broke my water-foam, so it's bright at night, even with the fix for it... so there's that :/

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Revert to your previous settings (you have created a backup, right?). You really should try Facelight for just one reason: if it works, you are a step closer to understand the cause - not as a permanent fix but as a way to understand what is wrong.

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I may try the face light, though I lack the technical know-how to do that off the top of my head, and I'm crazy busy atm... :/


And after checking one of my many backups, I must have broken my water before all this... So no idea what caused that failure, lol.


As a side note, on the water front - still glitched, even if vanilla... So, yup...

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