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Request: Male Automail arm


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There's an automail arm mod on the Nexus (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/12880/?), but it's female only. I'm hoping someone on here might make a male version of it? Either to replace the arm of the actual body model, or using up the chest + gauntlet slot and wearing a vest or something. Preferably as part of the body model, but anything would do. The author did give permission for someone to make a male version.


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Okay, I cheated and used a cheap method to sort out any skinning issues. I made use of the bsdismemberskin modifier and added an extra part and selected the polys on the male body that I wanted to be hidden and then assigned it to a body part that wouldn't be used and so now parts of the male body (right arm) will be hidden in game so that it doesn't show through the automail.


I've only done the _0 body so far. Before I go forward and add weightslider, I want to make sure the _0 body works on everyone else's game so that I don't waste time working on a broken nif file.


Here you go:

automail test.zip


Activate it in your mod manager and add it to your inventory through the console command. Try "help automail" I think it's named "automail male"

Try it on with a zero weight character and ignore the missing left hand, I'll fill that in on the completed version.


Screens from my game:






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Well I've set up the body parts in creation kit to replace the body and hand slots, you should be able to wear things over it. If it does replace armor pieces from other mods in your list, I'll just change what body parts it covers so that it doesn't do that.


You can create a race out of it as well.

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Yeah absolutely. Right now, it's basically a body replacer so you creating a race isn't mandatory as you can just wear it and then wear your usual clothing/armor on top of it. I can however see it being a custom race so that you can add special buffs for the race like extra strength/carryweight or whatever.

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Mine is essentially the same as your's it seems, a little skin clipping out at the shoulder.








Ehh,,,the other hand is gone. 


Is that because its set to bip on both hands? 



It costs a hand to equip it.


I set the bip to body, hands, feet, calves. I'll include the hands once it's complete.

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seriously you can use other items atop it? That is so cool, I've wanted to make a catgirl armor set, claws (that force the claw swip aimation), ears, tail but it always bugs me that it take a armor slot so i couln't wear gloves, or a helmet, and so on. I even found mods with the items but getting them to be wearable with armor was such a pain and i could never get it working. Maybe there's still hope if the automail could replace the arm.

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