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Looking for geniuses to help me!


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Link to the mod description(mod currently hidden on nexus because of the following issues)


Long story short, I'm making my first quest mod and my second follower mod. I have come across many problems, I've solved quite a few, but there are still problems...


First one, navmeshing.

I made a new land, in order for any AI characters to walk on it, i must have navmesh settled. But my navmesh looks like this:






I have no idea how to fix this, even though I move my follower to me via console, he only walks a few steps, then he no longer follows.

Also, the standalone follower I made in this mod seems to be too happy in her room and refuse to follow any further than her room, I think this is also a problem with navmeshing(probably AI package though).



Second problem, lip sync.

My mod has custom voice acts, and they are in .wav. However, the CK said their bitrates are too high and cannot generate .lip. I took this advice and tried to lower their bitrate. The warning didn't pop up afterwards, but there is no .lip files generated after I pressed generate.


Link to my file.


*Please also check if the follower (Ellean) has any face bug and see if the boss (Aearonor) is being attacked by his own men. Thank you very much if you are helping!!!!!


If you are able to fix one or both or even improve the mod as a whole, I would love to add your name at the credits and you only need to send me the modified files to me, it saves space :wink:

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For Navmesh, keep adding/deleting triangles until they all connect. Ideally you want to cover the whole surface without any holes/gaps (the gaps make the NPCs unable to walk through those areas). Also remember to raise the elevation of other navmeshes so that they are above the ground. Also be sure to delete around static objects like pillars/giant rocks/etc that they shouldn't be able to walk through to prevent the AI from being confused and attempting to walk through those objects. Navmeshing is one of those skills that once you get it down, you'll always be good at at but until then it's confusing.  :D

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