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FO3 Sexout mod?


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Is there a Fallout 3 Sexout mod i can use if so could you send links, i would really appreciate this, as im doing a now play which involve consequences to my character been beaten, also, i would also appreciate links for a fallout 3 safehouse mod, many thanks in advance :) 

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There's no OFFICIAL Sexout for F3 as the FOSE it uses isn't as advanced as the NVSE is for New Vegas. The closest way to get Sexout onto F3 is by Tale of Two Wastelands. I remember someone on here saying they were trying to get Sexout onto F3 but I haven't heard anything new about its progress. 


As for Safehouses, the Underground Hideout on the Nexus or the Underwater Hideout are two good Fallout 3 safehouses/player homes.

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