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Default Races. White or Shiny ears.


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Been a long while since I played around with Oblivion. I've been following http://www.loverslab.com/topic/8893-installation-guide-with-lovers-mbp-and-wyre-with-bashed-patch/ but some races have white ears if I have bFaceGenTexturing on 0. Of course I can fix this by changing it back to 1 but the body and face textures won't match up.


I was wondering if someone knew another way to fix this.


My load order.


00  Oblivion.esm
01  Beautiful People 2ch-Ed.esm
02  x117race.esm
03  Chanpon.esm
04  Unofficial Oblivion Patch.esp  [Version 3.5.0]
++  UOPS Additional Changes.esp
05  UOP Vampire Aging & Face Fix.esp  [Version 1.0.0]
06  Oblivion Citadel Door Fix.esp
07  DLCShiveringIsles.esp
08  Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch.esp  [Version 1.5.4]
++  USIPS Additional Changes.esp
++  MaleBodyReplacerV5.esp
09  Knights.esp
0A  DiabloEF 6 in 1.esp
++  Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Disable BandBlindMask.esp
**  Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Sheogorath Eye.esp
++  Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Vanilla Race.esp
++  Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Merged Hair Modules.esp
++  Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Merged Eye Modules.esp
++  Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Merged SKSRENs Hair Modules.esp
++  Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Merged RoseSims Hair Modules.esp
++  x117 Merged SKSRENs Hair Modules.esp
++  Beautiful People 2ch-Ed CustomRace.esp
++  Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Chocolate Elves.esp
++  Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Cute Elves.esp
++  Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Nec Mystic High Elf Remake.esp
0B  Beautiful People 2ch-Ed MS Elves - NoSc.esp
++  Beautiful People 2ch-Ed ENG Race.esp
0C  x117race.esp
++  x117Race ENG Race.esp
0D  Lop-ears Elf_mini.esp
0E  Bashed Patch, 0.esp





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