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Unarchive Russian .bsa File - ?

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Simple question: does anyone know of a reliable (and simple) .bsa extractor / unarchiver for Russian .bsa files (and, yes, I know that a .bsa file should be a .bsa file, end of story) ...but I have one which which I need to amend with new content, and my (English) archive utilities (including OBMM) won't work with it (plus, I have opened it in a text editor and can see that the structure and headers are completely different to what I would normally see or expect.

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I have always used FOMM (fallout mod manager) which has a bsa extractor with it and it works for fallout new Vegas oblivion and skyrim. You can find it here on LL.


Absolutely perfect, - FMM works and has extracted the files from the .bsa file no problem at all, outside of not liking not being able to find a Fallout directory.

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