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Using keyboard or controller?


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I play with keyboard. I tried using my controller with Oblivion when I first got it on PC, but the camera wasn't compatible with my right thumbstick. That coupled with the face that I have some mods that add hotkeys lead me to stick with keyboard.


I'm not sure if the game has problems with all controllers, but I realized then that the game didnt like certain controls/combinations to be remapped. If you can't figure it out with the controller, then dropping items is either shift + left click or hold right click, the latter allowing you to hold an item and move it about.

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I use Better DS3 whenever I hook up my ps3 controller to play games on the PC. I can't vouch for oblivion (mainly because I don't want to have to find my controller atm  <_<), but it works as though the games are on the ps3 (in terms of degrees of tilting and camera control.) for most other games i've played.

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